The Japanese Language Course

1. Number of places available

150 (combined for April and October entrants)

2. Application requirements

  1. Applicants must have completed 12 years of school education by attending regular courses outside Japan, or have completed an equivalent education.
  2. Applicants must have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at levels N5, N4 or higher, or an equivalent test.

3. Application method

  1. Applicants for admission should submit all documents before the designated due date.
  2. As a general rule, documents submitted will not be returned.
  3. Documents written in languages other than Japanese must have Japanese translations attached.

4. Documents to be submitted for application procedures

  1. Application for Admission* [ WORD / PDF ]
  2. Personal History* [ WORD / PDF ]
  3. Proposed plan of study and Objectives of Study after Completing the Japanese Language Course*(with attached Japanese translation) [ WORD / PDF ]
  4. Graduation certificate, certificate of expected graduation, or certificate of completion of school education (original) (with attached Japanese translation)
  5. Transcript for 3 years of high school, or otherwise transcript for all years attended at final educational institution (made and certified by that institution to satisfy entry requirements for another institution) (with attached Japanese translation)
  6. Certificate of Japanese ability (with attached Japanese translation)
  7. Certificate of employment, in case applicant has a history of employment (original) (with attached Japanese translation)
  8. Health Certificate* [ WORD / PDF ]
  9. Family register of the applicant and financial supporter (copies showing all pages)
  10. Certificate of kinship (with attached Japanese translation)
    The certificate must state the relationship between the applicant and financial supporter, be issued by a government body, and be notarized
  11. Letter of Guarantee* [ WORD / PDF ]
  12. Explanation of the Method of Support to Meet the Expenses* (written by the financial supporter him/herself) (with attached Japanese translation) [ WORD / PDF ]
  13. Certificate of employment of financial supporter (with attached Japanese translation)
  14. Certificates of income of financial supporter for 3 years (with attached Japanese translation)
  15. Certificates of tax paid by financial supporter for 3 years (with attached Japanese translation)
  16. Certificate of bank balance of financial supporter (original document issued by bank)
  17. Copy of passport
  18. 6 photographs (4cm x 3cm (3), 3cm x 2.4cm (3), all photographs must have applicant’s name written on the back)
Notes1 Application documents submitted to Nishi-Nippon Junior College will not be returned to applicants
Notes2 Please download documents marked with * from item-by-item links above, or as a batch from the following link, and then print them.
Batch download: [ WORD / PDF ]
Notes3 A checklist of documents required for admission and other items can be downloaded here: [ PDF ]

5. Entrance Examination

Selection method examination of application documents, interview
Examination site to be designated by Nishi-Nippon Junior College
Examination date applicants will be informed by Nishi-Nippon Junior College

6. College fees

Category Amount (JPY)
Academic fees Admission fee 150,000JPY
Tuition fee 500,000JPY
Practical work fee 20,000JPY
Equipment fee 10,000JPY
Textbooks and Insurance 55,000JPY
Entrance examination fee 15,000JPY
Total 750,000JPY

7. Dormitory fees

Per person fee when room occupied by 2 people 190,000JPY (for 6 mon)
Per person fee when room occupied by only 1 person 280,000JPY (for 6 mon)

Dormitory fees include use of refrigerator, washing machine, gas range and other equipment.
However, dormitory fees do not include the cost of electricity, gas, water and other costs.

8. Admission procedures

  1. Successful applicants will receive notification of successful application.
  2. On their behalf, Nishi-Nippon Junior College will apply to Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau for a “Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status.”
  3. Copies of “Certificates of Eligibility for Resident Status” for certificates obtained, will be sent to successful applicants.
  4. Successful applicants should submit the following document and make payment of the following by the due date.
    Successful applicants will be informed of the due date.

    • Graduation certificate (only in the case where certificate of expected graduation was submitted at the time of application)
    • College fees

  5. When receipt of college fees and graduation certificate (if applicable) has been confirmed, “Certificates of Eligibility for Resident Status” will be sent to successful applicants.
  6. In case a successful applicant is unable to obtain a “Student Visa” from a Japanese embassy or consulate in his or her location, college and other fees except for the entrance examination fee, will be repaid. Note that the bank transfer fee charged for repayment of college fees must be borne by the successful applicant.
  7. In case a successful applicant is unable to enter Nishi-Nippon Junior College for personal reasons, college fees except for examination and admission fees, will be repaid. Note that the bank transfer fee charged for repayment of college fees must be borne by the successful applicant.

9. Address for submission of applications

International Exchange & Foreign Student Support Office
Nishi-Nippon Junior College
3-1, Fukuhama 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0066 JAPAN
Phone +81 92 721 1152 Facsimile +81 92 721 1536