The Japanese Language Course

Nishitan International Friendship Circle

Nishi-Nippon Junior College has a club for students called Nishitan International Friendship Circle. Fukuoka is known as a gateway from other countries to Japan, and the aim of this circle is to provide opportunities for foreign students to experience exchange with other university students from within Fukuoka City and other regions, and through participation in various events within and outside Nishitan, to raise students’ awareness of themselves as an internationally-minded people who have pride in their own countries, while deepening their understanding of Japanese culture. Various study sessions are also held for students.

Main activities
Apr. Welcome party for new students
May Participation in Hakata Dontaku Port Festival parade
Jun. Nishitan International Friendship Circle party
Jul. Examination support
Aug. Participation in fireworks display
Oct. Japan Vietnam Interpretation Seminar
Participation in Nishitan Cultural Festival stalls and performances
Nov. Appearance in FOSA Culture Show
Dec. Christmas party
Jan. Study session
Feb. Chinese New Year party
Mar. Farewell party for graduating students

International exchange events at Nishi-Nippon Junior College

Currently, there are 150 foreign students at Nishi-Nippon Junior College from Vietnam, China, Poland, Nepal, Uganda and Bangladesh studying academic subjects and Japanese language. To further enhance not just daily study but also student life, a number of international exchange events are held to promote interaction with Japanese people. Japanese Language Course students can also join many college annual events.

Annual events (planned)
Apr. Nanja Monja Festival
May Sports Festa
Oct. Cultural Festival
Nov. Study tour