The Japanese Language Course

The Japanese Language Course

For foreign students who wish to further their education at Nishi-Nippon Junior College, the objective of the Japanese Language Course is to provide education in the Japanese language and knowledge about Japan required for university, and to foster human resources with an international perspective who will contribute to international cultural exchange.

Features of the Japanese Language Course

  1. The curriculum has been designed so that the Japanese language necessary for study at university can be acquired.
  2. A group of very experienced teachers provide classes with attention to detail.
  3. Students can concentrate on their study for a qualification to further their education in Japan, and can use facilities such as the library, gymnasium and health care room in the same way as Nishi-Nippon Junior College students.
  4. The campus is located in the central area of Fukuoka City, an international city open to Asia. It provides easy access to the main tourist attractions such as Ohori Park, Nishi Park and Fukuoka Tower, and offers a very livable environment for foreign students.
  5. Foreign students can improve their Japanese language ability and deepen their understanding of Japanese culture through exchange with Japanese students at the college and with the local community.

Staff Organization

Japanese Language Course Chairperson TAKAMUKU Yuri
Japanese Language Course Vice Chairperson TAKENOUCHI Mikika
Teacher HINOODA Sachiko
Part-time teachers 14 members

Class schedule (example: beginning level students)

Time/Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9:00~10:30 Knowledge of Japan Comprehensive Japanese Essay writing Listening comprehension Kanji and vocabulary
10:40~12:10 Comprehensive Japanese Comprehensive Japanese Comprehensive Japanese Comprehensive Japanese Tutorial
13:00~14:30 Japanese culture Conversation Comprehensive Japanese

Annual events (planned)

Apr. Spring Entrance examination
Start of classes
Health checks
May Study tour for first-year students
Jul. Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Aug. First semester classes finish
Summer vacation
Oct. Fall entrance examination
Start of classes
Health checks
Nov. Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
Dec. Study tour for second-year students
Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Winter vacation
Jan. Restart of classes
Feb. Speech contest
Second semester classes finish
Closing ceremony

Student scholarship system

There is a student scholarship system as follows. Following receipt of applications, selection at Nishi-Nippon Junior College and other institutions takes place to decide scholarship recipients.

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students Monthly amount 48,000 JPY (only a few students can receive this)

Tuition fee exemption for honor students

For students entering through the Japanese Language Course, who have an excellent academic record and who wish to pursue further education at Nishi-Nippon Junior College, there is a system to provide tuition fee exemption after passing a selection test.

Benefits for students who continue their education at Nishi-Nippon Junior College after the Japanese Language Course

For students who further their education at Nishi-Nippon Junior College after completing the Japanese Language Course, there are the following benefits.

  1. There is a recommendation system.
  2. An amount equivalent to the admission fee paid on entering the Japanese Language Course (150,000 JPY) will be deducted from the Junior College education fee.
  3. There is a system to reduce/exempt the Junior College tuition fee upon application and after review.

Advancement after completion of Japanese Language Course

Advancement to university For example, to: Nishi-Nippon Junior College, Nagasaki University, Fukuoka Women’s University, Hiroshima City University, Sophia University, Nihon University, Ryukoku University and Fukuoka University
University transfer Osaka International University
Obtaining employment For example, at: Fuji International Academy, Shunki Language Institute, Sone Metal Industry Co., Ltd. and NAIX


To provide accommodation for foreign students, Nishi-Nippon Junior College has leased private condominiums and other facilities, and uses them as dormitories. There are rooms are for 1-person and 2-person occupation.
Please note that depending on availability it may not be possible to satisfy your preference for room type.